Our portfolio includes four thermoelectric plants, one of them being converted into combined cycle, with a 737 MW installed capacity and a total projected capacity of 792.5 MW.

With the most reliable technology in the market and the strategic location of our plants, Araucaria Energy and SPI Energy have become one of the most relevant players in the country's energy sector.

We have long-term contracts that provide stable revenue streams.

Our company is integrated by Araucaria Energy and SPI Energy which are part of SCC Power dedicated to the development of high-quality power, with a view towards strategic global expansion.

Through the development, construction and operation of four power generation plants, it brings 737 MW to the market in one of the most important regions of the Province of Buenos Aires.

The strategic proximity of the plants to the city -which concentrates 50% of the country's total energy consumption- and the easy access through national and provincial roads, positions Araucaria Energy and SPI Energy as key suppliers to meet the growing energy demand.

Araucaria Energy has three power plants and SPI Energy has a power plant in San Pedro that is in the process of being upgraded to combined cycle. The expansion project is currently in its first phase and is providing 50 MW of installed capacity. When the second phase is operational, the San Pedro power plant will have a total capacity of 209 MW.

The projected generation capacity of Araucaria Energy and SPI Energy will be 792.5 MW.