To provide a socially responsible electric power service that contributes to improve the quality of life of people, business development and the community.



We want to be pioneers using the latest technologies to improve service quality and define best practices for customer satisfaction.


We do our best to offer a quality service by working together with the leading suppliers in the industry.


We are socially responsible and actively contribute to the community of which we are a part. We are committed to the country, investing in the long term and producing more and better energy.

Performance Orientation

We seek maximum performance, working as a team, adapting to changes and taking care of the resources as our own to achieve the proposed objectives.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our mission to generate power in a responsible and efficient manner implies that our work contributes and has a positive impact on all areas related to the activity.

We are committed to the community, to the country and to the future and, to this end, we develop actions that promote sustainability and help improve the communities of which we are a part.

We work to be increasingly efficient and thus enhance our environment. We want to be the engine that drives growth and benefit all the stakeholders that interact with our company.

We share some of the activities we perform in the areas where our company operates. We work with NGOs, associations, and foundations on projects where we can add value.

Development of the Inclusive Internship Program at our headquarters in CABA, July 2022.

Visit of the students of the University of Luján in Luján TP, September 2022.

Educational talk with students from Technical High School N° 1 in Luján, June 2022.

Some of the members during the Inclusive Internship Program held at Luján TP in July and August 2022.

We want to responsibly strengthen our commitment to the communities where the power plants are located.

To ensure effective communication, we have established a dedicated channel to address any questions, inquiries, or suggestions pertaining to our activities.

Please feel free to leave us a message by filling out the following form:

Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct is a guide for behavior and personal responsibility that reaffirms our commitment to the principles, values and behaviors that are the foundation for individual and community development.

This Code applies to all of us who are part of the company, to outsourced services, to contracted services that carry out activities in the plants and to suppliers.