Committed to the country’s development

We are SCC Power, parent company of Araucaria Energy and SPI Energy, companies engaged in power generation. Araucaria Energy has the Matheu, Las Palmas and Lujan thermoelectric power plants and SPI Energy has the San Pedro power plant, which is being upgraded to combined cycle. The four plants have a total installed capacity of 737 MW and are strategically located a few kilometers from the city of Buenos Aires.

Commitment to the community

We develop the capabilities of our teams and collaborate in the development of the communities where we invest and work.

Commitment to the country

We invest for the long term and to produce more and better energy.

Commitment to the Future

We support the needs to modernize and make the country's power generation system more efficient.



Call for bids – Resolution 21/2016 of the Ministry of Energy and Mining.

Award of four simple cycle generation contracts. Commitment to add 686.5 MW of generation capacity to the National Interconnected System


Resolution 287-E-2017.
Awarding to SPI Energy of 105 MW expansion for the closing to combined cycle in its San Pedro Thermal Power Plant


San Pedro Thermal Power Plant starts operations.

Las Palmas Thermal Power Plant starts operations.

Matheu and Luján Thermal Power Plants start operations.


SCC Power acquired 100% of the shares of Araucaria Energy and SPI Energy.


The full combined cycle of the San Pedro Thermal Power Plant is expected to start operations with an additional 105.5 MW.

We work to grow

In our company we have a first-class management with an average of 15 years of experience in the energy industry.

Committed to the task and leadership, our professionals work with the commitment to improve every day, uphold high ethical standards and guarantee transparency, integrity and good practices that enhance the relationship with employees, suppliers, colleagues and the community.